Immoral Miss Teeze

She’s tantalizing, she’s titilating. Erica Boyer is… The Immoral Miss Teeze. Erica Boyer has a hard time selling Fantasy Cosmetics, but most of the time she seems to end up in the thick of it. Even Tony Martin tries to show Erica the finer points of selling. Then Ron Jeremy gets into the act, after finishing his business in the garage. Even Melissa Gee’s shot at Ms. B, and Melissa’s old man, Frank James takes everything Erica has to offer, and that was quite a buy. But her husband has ideas of his own. He finds his own Fantasy Girl, Ronnie Dicksen. Then this dynamic duo ends with a threesome with Erica Boyer’s biggest ball of her life. This girl is the dirtiest, the slutiest, the filthiest, the naughtiest and the most Immoral Miss Teeze on video tape.

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